MELINDA gel after hair removal

kr. 3.700

200 ml




Aloe vera gel with D-panthenol. Protective, moisturizing, soothing,  & nourishing. 
For aftercare procedures and daily home care. The components included in the composition quickly relieve irritation and pain, soften and soothe the skin, have an antiseptic and healing effect. When applied to the skin, the gel quickly passes into the aqueous phase, forming a thin protective film. Does not contain petroleum products, including mineral oil, irritating SLS surfactants and other toxic substances. Non-comedogenic, does not cause allergies, preserves the water-lipid mantle. 

Method of application: Apply to the skin immediately after waxing. Suitable for all areas, including face and deep bikini. It can be used as an SOS remedy for peeling or excessive peeling of the skin. In home care, use after a shower as a restorative and caring agent after depilation, as well as first aid for burns, including sunburn, insect bites, irritation and itching.